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Import your email-account into Gmail

Note: This article describes third-party software, so settings might change.

If you use Gmail for most of your email, you can easily import your other email accounts in Gmail (for example, After you’ve imported the email-address, all emails sent to this email-address will be visible in Gmail. Here’s how:

In Gmail, click on the cog, and from the dropdown select “settings”.
Go to the tab"accounts and import".
Press the link “Import email messages and contacts”.
Fill in the email-address you would like to import, and click “continue”.
On the next screen, fill in your password, and your full email-address as the username (NOT just the part before the @)
The server name is:
Port: 995 (for POP) or 993 (for IMAP)

That’s it! Within a few minutes your emails will appear within Gmail.


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