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Registering a domain name

Every BlogBird plan comes with a free domain name, and you can register a domain name using our domain search tool. If the domain you want is already taken (which is often the case for .com domains), the domain search tool offers you suggestions for alternative domain names.

Once you’ve chosen a domain name you can add choose a hosting plan to go with it, or to just register the domain name. After your payment has succeeded, we will automatically register the domain name for you and link it to your BlogBird site.

You can also register multiple domain names and point them to the same BlogBird site.

Transfering a domain name

If you already registered a domain name somewhere else and want to use that domain name for your BlogBird site, all you need to do is request the domains’ transfer-code (or “Auth token”) and mail it to us. We will then transfer the domain for you, and make sure the domain points to your BlogBird site. Transfering a domain usually takes at least 48 hours, depending on your current hosting company.

If you have any existing email-addresses be sure to make a back-up before the domain transfer, as these emails will not be accessible after the domain has been transferred. You will also need to create the mail-addresses again once the domain has been transfered to BlogBird.


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