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Receiving Email

To use a program like Apple Mail, ThunderBird or any other email client for sending and receiving email, use the following settings:

Username: (important: your username is your full email address)
Password: your password
POP (for fetching mail):
SMTP (for sending mail):

Sending Email

For sending email you need to authenticate using your email-address and your password. In Apple Mail this is how you do that:

1. choose “edit SMTP-serverlist”
2. servername:
3. click on “advanced”
4. port: 465, and select "use TLS/SSL"
5. authentication type: “password”
6. in the fields below, fill in your email-address and password

Certificate warning in Apple Mail

If you try to connect to your mail-server, you might get a message saying something like “do you want to accept/trust the security certificate?”. Instead of clicking on “connect”, click on “view certificate” and then “always trust this certificate”. After this, you should be able to connect as usual.

If you use Apple Mail, be sure to restart Mail after accepting the certificate, because sometimes it takes a little longer for Mail to change these settings.

If you dismissed the certificate message and it doesn’t appear again, open Keychain Access (on Mac) and search for a certificate called “Plesk”. Open it, and select “always trust”. If this doesn’t solve the problem after a few tries, contact us, and we’re glad to help you out.

More information

You can find more information on configuring specific email-clients here.


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